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My goal is to work and collaborate within a community that recognizes
art+ design as a powerful tool to address challenges with clever ideas through the creation of culture.



With a decade of experience in the design field, Ámbar holds a BFA in Design & Digital Arts from the School of Fine Arts & Design of Puerto Rico (Escuela de Artes Plásticas & Diseño de Puerto Rico). Her goal is to continue working as a multidisciplinary designer, creating functional designs influenced by accessibility, inclusivity, color psychology, and, most importantly, designs that withstand the test of time and changing trends.


Ámbar has been recognized with grants from organizations such as the Luis A. Ferré Foundation (Fundación Luis A Ferré) and Seguros Múltiples of Puerto Rico. She has also earned several awards, including the People's Choice Award from the Collective Exhibition "El Bizarro" during the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest. Notably, one of her artworks is featured in the Contemporary Puerto Rican Art Collection (Colección de Arte Puertorriqueño Contemporáneo). Her work has been displayed in respected galleries like Exhibixiones del Plata, Lorenzo Homar Gallery (Galería Lorenzo Homar) at the School of Fine Arts & Design of Puerto Rico, and the Museum of the Americas at the Ballajá Barracks (Museo Las Américas, Cuartel de Ballajá). She received the Audience Choice award at the 2021 Circus International Film Festival for her work in Sound Mixing and Film Editing on the short film "Isla Bonita Circus Tourfor the National Circus School of Puerto Rico.

In the past, Ámbar has worked in-house at HUE House of Design, collaborating with clients such as the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, MAPR), Vanderbilt Hotel, La Hacienda, and others. She also partnered with Estudio Interlínea, where her role involved generating concept ideas and providing support for projects encompassing wayfinding, signage systems, brand identity, webpage backend data organization, UX/UI designs, and various corporate materials for clients and brands like Grupo Ferré Rangel, El Nuevo Día, The New York Times, AIGA (The Professional Association for Design), among others.

Ámbar gained valuable industry experience as a Graphic Artist and Sign Shop Supervisor at B. Fernández & Hnos, Inc. In this role, she contributed to the development of innovative concept ideas, visual marketing strategies, and high-quality visuals for well-known brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Absolut Vodka, Kellogg’s, and others.

For a duration of two years, Ámbar served on the Faculty of the International School of Design & Architecture (Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Arquitectura) within the SUAGM (Sistema Universitario Ana. G. Méndez). As a professor, her primary objective was to instill discipline, foster investigation, and encourage collaboration among students. She aimed to help students solve complex problems while enhancing their design and analytical skills.


She currently works at BOLD as a Product Designer focusing on UI/UX and visual branding, helping products achieve consistent and cohesive imaging, assisting in the creation of design systems with Figma, and working hand in hand with Product Managers and Developers to evolve various mobile products within the company's portfolio.

She is based in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Connecting with my community inspires me and fuels my desire to be a facilitator of building bridges to solutions.

I want to grow, apply, and share my expertise in the field of Design & Digital Arts, making contributions of high-quality and functional artwork infused with vision, concept, and emotion.

Portfolio *

*In compliance with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), not all current engagements are publicly disclosed on the website. Please feel free to reach out if supplementary visual materials or references are required.

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